Text Shooter

The next game I made in Godot is called Text Shooter. It’s a game where you have to type words that appear on the screen. It is unfinished. After I got the basics working I lost interest in the project. But the game is playable.

The framework has been set up to create levels with stages. A level would describe the geometry and visual style of the environment. Each stage can be configured with things like:

  • Name of the stage.
  • Fixed list of words:
    • Should the words be randomized?
    • How often should the words be repeated?
  • Or words from the dictionary:
    • Minimum number letters of chosen words.
    • Maximum number of letters of the chosen words.
  • How many words will be dropped for this stage.
  • How many words may be missed (not typed before they hit the ground).
  • How many words must be hit to win the stage (optional).
  • Maximum time to clear the stage (optional).
  • The speed and rotation distribution of the falling words.
  • The bounciness and friction of the words.

This together should be enough to make a whole game.

I never came further than making one level with ugly graphics and three stages that are not really related to each other. Level one is called The Alphabet and contains the stages; All The Letters, ABC Song and Some Random Words. Please enjoy the game for what it is.

Play Text Shooter